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  1. 1. Renzo Grande
    He’s one of the founder of 24 hours project that I’ve done twice. I spent few days with Renzo in Naples, Italy. I was very grumpy because things were not going my way. But Renzo gave me his full attention and for few days we explored Italy and he showed me how to take amazing photographs with my phone, or a very cheap camera. He takes most of his photos with his phone. I like how discreet he is in his street photography.

    2. Dylan Werner

    I like his writing, his music, self portraits. He is creative in every way I know of.

    Writing and self portraits:
    Landscape and wildlife:

    And if you want to take his class that he created using his past experience working as a paramedic:
    (my favourite is Desk Therapy, I was going to give it to you for Christmas :)

    His website:

    She photographs herself and her teenage son. Her son loves carving bananas :)

    they are my favourite creative duo

    4. Irving Neil Kwok
    He’s in Singapore and always surprises me with his eagerness to share his skills with others. He’s ready to share everything he knows with a total stranger. Three daughters and three cats. Once he lost one of his cats and it was hit by the car.. whole Internet was following his adventure and then grief. Very human and down to earth artist that I hope to meet soon, meanwhile we talk a lot and I am going to learn a bit from him. My favourite project of his is the abandoned shopping mall and dancers.

    His website:

    5. One of my best friends Elad Itzkin. What I like about Elad is his 100% honesty and always sharing everything he has. He taught me so much spiritually and artistically in past few years. We’ve been in many troubles with him too. He’s really fun. Photographs only yoga. That’s his thing. Gives 10 times more than he receives although he doesn’t agree with me on that.

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