What It Looks Like – Kristina’s Story


— “What It Looks Like” is an ongoing photographic exploration into the stories of individuals who have experienced depression, anxiety, grief, mood disorders, or any other mental illness. This project aims to share awareness, end stigma, and create dialogue and open communication around mental health. Instead of asking what it feels like, I’ve asked each … [Read more…]

The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the term “happy” and the pursuit we have of it, it’s a bit fitting as today is International Day of Happiness. International Day of Happiness started 3 years after the United Nations recognized the the pursuit of happiness was a fundamental human goal “The General Assembly,[…] Conscious that … [Read more…]

Keep Calm and Embrace The Weird

“You’re weird” A few years ago those words would have derailed me, I would have spent hours and probably days analyzing what I had done that was so weird, how it differed from what other people did and how to prevent it from happening again. For a lot of my life I spent a lot … [Read more…]