Canadian Thanksgiving Meetup

Earlier this year I never would have imagined that I’d be writing about my third amazing meetup with some incredibly talented photographers and friends. At the start of this year I had met only a handful of online friends in real life and never would have thought that I would not only one day meet … [Read more…]

Vancouver Trip

I really must get myself in the habit of posting more. I usually have grand ideas in my mind about blog posts, tutorials, features on friends and inspiring artists and then… happens and I end up going months without even typing a word! Summer 2012 has been an amazing adventure filled with photography trips, excellent … [Read more…]

Midwest Flickr Gathering – Part 1

I’ve struggled with how to actually type up this blog post because I feel that no matter what words I choose to write, they’ll never be able to sum up the magnitude of how awesome my time in Indiana was. I’m breaking my trip into two parts, the big meetup in Indiana and then my … [Read more…]