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The Lightbulb Project – #3 Height

So there I was sitting in the Vancouver Airport about to head out for another 8 weeks of travel and I was completely stumped for the theme for this week. I have a notebook, with potential themes written in it […]

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5 Places To Take Creative Photographs in New York City

If you know me or have followed my photography for a while, you’ll know that I grew up in a fairly small town nestled deep within a valley in British Columbia’s Rocky Mountain Trench. It’s a beautiful corner of the […]

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What I Learned From A Year Filled With Donuts and Cake

It was almost one year ago, I was sitting with my friend Lizzy in her family home, the first day of the new year and I simply said  “We should make some cinnamon rolls”.  So off we went to the […]

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Adobe at Max Capacity

What do you get when you put 12,000 of the world’s most creative people in one room? Well, aside from handfuls of new friends and reams of creative inspiration, you also get an overwhelmingly satisfying experience that will open your […]

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