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Looking Myself In The Eyes

I’ve decided to continue my blog post on anxiety and depresson and how it’s been weaving it’s way in and out of my mind. I’ve had this series of posts in my plans for a long time, but I always […]

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Wearing My Label

    This post has been a while coming, like a bit of a puzzle building in my head waiting for the fragments of words to piece themselves together to reveal the whole picture. Today is as good as any […]

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Adventure Time

    Recently I read an article that described a gene that apparently some people carry, a gene that is commonly referred to as the “wanderlust gene” that imparts in one a desire to travel and immerse themselves in new […]

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When Imitation Stops Being Flattering

It seems recently that a lot of things in my photography life have been happening in little clumps. All at once I’ll get messages from people in the same country, or have the same theme of ideas in my head, […]

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