5 People You Need To Know in 2015

I truly believe that to be the best artist you can be, you should surround yourself with artists and other creatives that share their passions and talents. Being around that energy not only gets your own creative juices flowing but it establishes a community of friends and artists that together can create amazing stories, collaborations … [Read more…]

5 Things I learned in 2014

There’s no doubt that 2014 was a crazy year in my life. It was a year that literally touched on all corners of the globe and rarely had quiet moments. I saw amazing things, felt every emotion from astonishment to heartbreak to pure happiness and everything in between and among all of those emotions I … [Read more…]

Overactive Imagination or Attention Deficit?

The last 14 months in my life have been…well…a whirlwind. A hectic combination of world travel, running my own business, saying goodbye to a long-term relationship, moving out of my home and then packing up and setting off to live a new country. It’s been a wild and exhausting ride but one filled with many … [Read more…]