5 Things I learned in 2014

There’s no doubt that 2014 was a crazy year in my life. It was a year that literally touched on all corners of the globe and rarely had quiet moments. I saw amazing things, felt every emotion from astonishment to heartbreak to pure happiness and everything in between and among all of those emotions I … [Read more…]

Overactive Imagination or Attention Deficit?

The last 14 months in my life have been…well…a whirlwind. A hectic combination of world travel, running my own business, saying goodbye to a long-term relationship, moving out of my home and then packing up and setting off to live a new country. It’s been a wild and exhausting ride but one filled with many … [Read more…]

On Turning 30

This week I hit what apparently is a milestone birthday. The big 3-0, the end of my twenties, the “old age”. And I don’t care at all. I’ve never been one to fixate on age or the importance of the year of my birth. I tend not to quantify maturity, intelligence, compassion or ability based … [Read more…]