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Fourth Time’s The Charm?

Not very long ago I wrote on this very blog about the end of my third 365 photo a day project and pretty much vowed that I would never do another one. That was in December of 2011 and by […]

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Anti-Bullying Day – Change Starts With Each Of Us

Here in Canada, the last Wednesday of February is designated as “Anti-Bullying Day”. An opportunity for people across the country to stand together and try to eliminate bullying from schools,workplaces, and online. This falls into place almost perfectly as I […]

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It’s taken me almost a full day to write this simple but meaningful post.  So far, even though we are just two weeks into this new year, my photography journey has entered a speed tunnel. There have been many kind […]

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Los Angeles Flickr Gathering – Recap

I’ve been staring at this computer screen all day trying to figure out how to put into words how incredible the last week has been. On December 28th I, along with 50 other talented photographers from across the continent, set […]

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