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What Is It?
Create Your Self – The Class is a 2 month long creative journey designed to help you unlock your creative potential and start learning more about who you are as an artist and how you can connect that with the work you want to create. The course is structured to help grow your personal artist within as well as teach you a variety of editing, shooting, and business skills.

The course is structured to offer an online video instruction, each week will a lesson video as well as photoshop editing tutorial. Students will be given a free copy of the Create Your Self book, weekly emails with photoshop brushes, actions, Lightroom presets and more.

How Do I Join?

The current class is open to 15 students and registrations start April 1st. The course will be offered May 1-June 30th 2017.

Where Is it?

The class is offered online direct to your email inbox in combination with an active private facebook group as well as Skype calls as you need them.

When Is it?

The course will begin on May 1st and finish on June 30th. Each week will consist of a lesson video designed around creativity, inspiration, business, and navigating your inner artist. Following the lesson will be a photoshop tutorial consisting of a screen recorded editing session along with a folder of all the images used, a .psd file, and brushes and actions. Each week will conclude with some homework to keep your creativity going!

Why Should I join?

This course is for any level, any genre, and any type of photographer. If you’re feeling unmotivated to create, if you’re struggling with finding your creative voice, direction or passion, if you want to learn how to edit your photographs using Photoshop, if you’d like to be in a creative, friendly space with other creatives, then this course is for you!

How Much Does It Cost?

The class is $400usd/student (breaks down to just $50/week!) and includes a free copy of the Create Your Self book ($30 savings).  Spaces


Images from past students: