1. Sydney

    Joel! Thank you so much. I cant WAIT to get to use this for my Alice in Wonderland photos. You’re so wonderful!

  2. Oh, I’ve been thinking about doing these for the longest time, and always thought I wouldn’t be able to. Thanks for the Tutorial, Joel! I’ll try it some time! :)

  3. Lucy

    Joel, this is wonderful. I had made some photos before, but thanks. After reading this I see I was missing some important stuff, and also how I was make thing so complicated when it can be so easy. Thanks again! Soon I’ll send you my new results.

    PS: I love you! Watching your work inspire me a lot. Finding you was the best that happened to me in this 2013.
    Please never stop being you and doing you magic!

  4. Awesome tutorial, Joel! :)
    Something you didn’t mention that I wonder is relevant is the F-stop at which you shoot the two separate images.
    I assume you shoot the “scene” image at a wide aperture and the image of you at a much smaller aperture, so your entirety is in focus?

    • For the portrait angle you just have to match the angle that you shot the blank scene, so sometimes it means shooting it at a lower angle than you might normally.

  5. This is a great tutorial! I already had an idea how you do it but I didn’t know about the stand-in 😉
    I will definitely try this too! Thanks :)

  6. Anne

    Hey Joel,
    When you say you use the “softening brush” do you mean the blur tool?
    And thanks for sharing your How-to’s. Very inspirational.

  7. Rubby

    Hi, I’m one of the fan of your photos.You are very succesful photograpy artist. If you give also a texture tutorial, I will be very very pleased. ,

  8. This is amazing, and I see many other tutorials that are going to be useful to me. After 11 years doing child portraiture, I am SO READY to stretch my creative muscles and dive into the advanced world of fantasy photoshop! I am planning a ‘dark themed’ little red riding hood shoot, but I have to get my creativeness flowing, and I plan to do a little miniture shoot myself, Im thinking of making my daughter into a doll! Love it and thank you soooo much for taking YOUR time to share YOUR secrets! Do you happen to also make youtube videos I can subscribe to? that would rock!

  9. Kamila

    Love your tutorials, they’re so helpful, as I’m researching your work for my Photography course and it’s great knowing exactly how you do it!

  10. Hey Joel, I always used to wonder what type of photography interests me the most. Trying all the genres, here I have landed finally. I love conceptual photography and since the day I saw your photography I have gone crazy. Now m gonna try conceptual portraits and later will send you links. you are an inspiration

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